Bullsh*t-Free Tech Guarantee

Tech is fantastic! That is, when it works...

Leave the headaches to us. Get extended coverage on your device for 3 years. Enjoy absolutely free support, maintenance, and repairs if any issues arise through ordinary use of your device.

And when accidents happen, the labour is on us!

Guarantee Pricing:

14 Days - Included

3 Year Extended - 30% of Device Cost

Included With The Guarantee:

- Covers any defects caused by unexpected parts or component failure through ordinary use of the device. This includes both parts and labour.

Potential issues covered include:

LCD/OLED screen failure (black screen, backlight failure)

Touchscreen/digitizer failure

Camera failure

Battery failure (will not power on/will not charge)

Network module failure

Speaker and microphone failure

- Also covers the labour portion of any repair required following unexpected incidents caused by the user such as accidental drops, liquid damage, etc. In these instances the cost of parts is extra.

- Includes ongoing tech support directly related to the device in-store, online, and over-the-phone during business hours.

- Includes ongoing device cleaning and maintenance services in-store.


NOT Covered Under The Guarantee:

- Any defects caused by user mistake, neglect, negligence or accidental physical damage are NOT covered under the guarantee however if repair is possible we will perform the labour involved free-of-charge. Parts are extra.

- Does not cover lost or stolen devices



*Valid ONE device per Guarantee. Must purchase one additional extended Guarantee for each device to be covered

**In the event that it would not be practical or possible to repair or replace your device or one of its components which would otherwise be covered by the extended guarantee, we may opt to cancel and refund your guarantee purchase amount in full as an alternative solution

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